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【MGSD】Gundam Evolution Launches, MGSD, Uncanny Suletta, Small but Expensive Figures, And More[Gundam News]


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I could see Kakarot197’s soul slowly dying everytime he mentions the Gundam Metaverse.
Seeing my man Critical aligned with a Gundam E-Sports team is not something id ever expect, but I love to see it.
A lot of positive direction to the ways Gundam Evolution can expand the roster and the game modes.. really enjoyed the base game but worried on the monetization side of the game..
I’m pretty much immune to uncanny valley, so the big Suletta figure didn’t really bother me until you mentioned that she knows the “crimes" I commited. 😂
Bandai: “We have MGSD"
Fans: “Oh, nice!"
Bandai: “of RX-78-2"
Fans: “Shit"
LittleSpring スウェット ワンピース キッズ 女の子 フレア 英字 ウェストゴム
I do think I distinctly remember that the Suletta figure also came with a set of holding hands, yet we have yet to see what they are used for. After all, those hands had the index finger slightly extended, suggesting that she is meant to hold a gun.

Something tells me then that we haven’t seen everything this figure has to offer.

Since MG Figure-rise is Figure-rise Standard upscale to MG size then I am assuming MGSD will be MG size super deformed kits most likely with more color separation and details comparable to a FM. I would be surprised if they get inner frames just to keep costs down and not having to make different frames unless they can do like the SD Cross Silhouette.
26:51 you can feel he’s trying his best not to rant about seed destiny, you are not alone, a good chunk of people were disappointed with that series’ shift too and would also try to hold back if such topic tangentially came up at the end of a relatively long video that we didn’t want to extend much further

which prompts me to wonder…given that you’ve done a “what if amuro got the alex" series, how about a “what if kira died instead of surviving those infamous 3 incidents"

If SDMG is about converting SD designs to MG then it won’t be surprising if the 1st release will be based between Musha, Knight or a Command Gundam.