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【BEFIRSTセガプライズ】SKY-HI / One More Day feat. REIKO (Prod. Matt Cab) -Music Video- REACTION


Thank you as always🥰
Thank you for loving them✨✨
This video is so cool ,especially last seen when everybody was coming.
Love your reaction and love BMSG!
This song is very emotional. SKY-HI talks basically about his life before and after the start of the BMSG audition. How he was almost depressed in the industry and started his own music agency and the audition to change his life.
I think for SKY-HI (and for us viewers), that was one of the most memorable moments during the audition when Reiko hit the phrase “One more day!" in the song YOLO. One of the scenes that simbolized how meaningful the audition was for the boys and SKI-HI and their love for music. So when SKY-HI was making this song for his album with Matt Cab, they decided to mix Reiko’s one more day phrase from the audition and ended up bringing Reiko in to sing the main verse.
In the same album, Rui, Taiki, edhiii boi, and Shota also featured in a song. You can hear all the songs on Spotify. You can also see the music video of “14th syndrome" on Youtube where Rui, Taiki, and edhiii boi sing cutely togehter with SKY-HI as if they are all the same age. Ran is the only one who hasn’t collaborated with SKY-HI so far among BMSG members. But Ran featured in Novel Core’s music video “Thanks, all my tears", which is also quite emotional.
Thank you for your reaction!There is an English caption.

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The lyrics are so great that I want to share them with you💚

BE:FIRST’s Kick Start lyric video is linked to this MV, so I want you to watch it again☺️Kick Start is also a song that uses the tracks used in the creative screening💕
SKY-HI made this song to give thanks to THE FIRST.
He sings about his anger against the Japanese music industries and aloneness that he used to feel, but how he feels rewarded now by the success of THE FIRST and the fact that the audition brought a lot of smile and progress to the boys.
Initially he was thinking about utilizing REIKO’s sampling voice from YOLO, but then he changed his mind that it must be greater if REIKO sings more by himself.
ONE MORE DAY is regarded as the final chapter of THE FIRST trilogy followed by TO THE FIRST and KICK START!!
That is so great and emotional to watch them after the audition was over🥹
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